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QQ : 2355725148 or 2355725145

Address: Rm1902, Bldg 17, Jianwai SOHO West, No. 39 Dongsanhuan Rd M, Chaoyang Dist., Beijing

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Tannet Group Limited was established in Hong Kong by Carlson Chan in 1999. Over 15 years of development, Tannet has set up 12 administrative departments, 12 business service centres, currently employed over 600 talents, established partnership with over 3000 institutions and 8000 individuals, developed over 60000 clients. Tannet has also set up a China Expats Service Centre esp. for China expats, assisting international investors through the whole business process.

Tannet Service Network
Over 15 years of development, Tannet has developed a global business service network. Based in Shenzhen as a coordinating centre and HK as an international headquarter, Tannet has nationwide extended to Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, Shenyang, Chengdu, Yiwu, Nanchang, Xiamen and Quanzhou, and worldwide extended to Malaysia, etc. You can contact any centre for offline business services. With strong support from our overseas cooperators, Tannet has also established joint-cooperation service centres in Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Russia, Ukraine, Hungary, Dubai, Solomon, Belize, Spain, Portugal, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore to offer better biz solutions for global investors. Tannet especially boasts of its online consulting search engine, providing business information, product promotion and corporate brand awareness. In a word, our network is ranging from actual to virtual, from onshore to offshore, from online to offline, from undertaking to outsourcing.

Complementary Service Mode for Expats
Over 15 years, Tannet has developed three marketing brands--Tannet Group Limited, ATAHK Group Limited and Carlson-Ditto, forming a complementary service mode catering to global investors. We have also established featured service centres home and abroad, such as research & planning centre in Malaysia, outsourcing centre in Shenzhen, registration centre in Shanghai, intellectual property protection centre in Beijing, capital operation centre in Shenyang, cultural operation centre in Chengdu, purchasing centre in Yiwu, information technology centre in Nanchang, rental centre in Xiamen, as well as overseas investment centres in England, USA, BVI and Samoa, etc. Tannet also boosts of its Citilink Industrial Alliance as an online platform of supply and demand for global cooperation and exchange.

Tannet China Expats Service Centre
Tannet China Expats Service Centre offers business services, esp. for English speakers, to familiarize themselves with China investment environments quickly, ranging from business startup to follow-up, from trademark registration to transfer, from financial to personnel management, from market study to due diligence, from merger to acquisition, from investment analysis to decision-making. All the services are tailor-made to meet the expats’ need. The centre is regarded by expats as “a path to china and a home in china”.

Tannet Strategic Development

2014 marks Tannet has stepped into the 4th five year business plan. With BizBrainBase and Citilink Industrial Alliance for global use, Tannet is in a position to constantly develop a sound service network online and offline, onshore and offshore to achieve the objectives of better culture awareness in business service and more value-add in value investment.

Contact Us:
Beijing Tel: 86-13717945838
Address: Rm1902, Bldg 17, Jianwai SOHO West, No. 39 Dongsanhuan Rd, Chaoyang Dist., Beijing, China.

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